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The Summer Pick Your Own 2022 fruit season has now finished. The 2023 PYO fruit season will start in June with Strawberries and Gooseberries and masses of other fruits to follow from late June. Until then you can enjoy our fruits as we make use of our frozen bounty through the café all year round.

With one of the largest range of PYO fruits across the South East we take enormous pride in growing fruits with great flavour.


As well as growing the traditional headline Pick Your Own fruits we champion lesser known fruits of the past and unusual and exciting fruits of tomorrow. This includes 7 different varieties of fantastic Gooseberries and most recently the planting of the first Honeyberry plantation that we know of in the South East. 

Follow us on social media for up to date farm goings on.

Most of our fruits are available for you to pick your own.


Pick Your Own is all about the experience; the experience of getting out and picking real food from a real farm. In a world where consumers are increasingly detached from the industry which feeds us, PYO allows you to see the mechanics of what we as farmers do and how we do it whilst picking the freshest and tastiest fruit around.    

With this in mind we believe in a 'try before you buy' policy. There's nothing quite like plucking and eating food straight from the plant it grows. In so doing we feel it also helps to create an immersive educational experience championing home grown British produce and the wider British farming industry in a safe, fun and beautiful setting. 

How it works:

  1. Choose some punnets or bring your own.

  2. Explore the farm picking fruits as you go.

  3. Pay for your fruit according to weight.



If picking your own fruit is not for you, you can purchase freshly picked fruit from our farm stall.


We’re passionate about championing all of our fruits but in particular we want to celebrate the unusual fruits – the ones you’ve never heard of and the ones you know of but have never tried.


It's quite likely that we'll have some fruits available to purchase ready picked that you won't find to Pick Your Own. But we'll let you know this on arrival and also keep you posted on everything going on via our Facebook and Instagram pages.




Our fruit season is short and the dates vary according to mother nature. The chart below shows the approximate times when fruits are in season. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or contact us directly to confirm when specific fruits are in season.


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