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Who is Tibbs Farm

Tibbs Farm is a family run business - owned and managed by the Wheeler family. We are 6th generation farmers and have been farming here in Udimore for 65 years having moved from Kent. Our farming operations have evolved dramatically over the years, starting out we predominantly farmed sheep and hops - traditional and labour intensive. Fast forward to today and things look a little different. 

Our sheep flock is still it huge part of what we do, our hop picking operations have taken a large step forward with new plantations and a more mechanised picking/ drying system, we jumped head first into soft fruit and PYO, and now boast the largest variety of fruit in the South of England and most excitingly we built our café. 

Meet the faces behind Tibbs Farm below:

Robert Wheeler

Robert moved to Udimore when he was just 3 years old. He farmed alongside his dad and brother - sheep, hops and their soft fruit enterprise which began in the 1970's.


Leonie Wheeler



Simon Wheeler
Son 1

Simon is the eldest of the 4 Wheelers. He studied Agri-business at university, spent some time working in New Zealand and Australia and now spends his days tending to 2,500 sheep and the hops.


Phil Wheeler
Son 2 (Twin)

Phil studied at the Royal Agricultural University gaining his MRICS and CAAV accreditations. He left his job back in 2019 and now focuses solely on our new café enterprise.


Emily Wheeler
Daughter 1 (Twin)

Emily studied Business & Marketing Management. She's spent time working Front of House in the café in it's early phase and more recently she now splits her time between London and Tibbs Farm.


Tabby Wheeler
Daughter 2

Tabby studied Economics at university. She has been actively involved in the café since day 1 - Front of House and baking. After a brief stint in London she has decided to pursue her passion for food and off packing she went to the Ballymaloe school of cookery in Ireland.

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